30 11, 2016

Brad and Ruth

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It was a peaceful and warm sunny day at Willow Pond. Brad and Ruth, bride and groom, came together under the willow trees, surrounded by their most beloved friends and family.  Seeing these two wed, and especially having the honor of being their photographer, was such a joy. This bride and groom were so

25 11, 2016

John and Georgia – 8th of October

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Our amazing family friends, John and Georgia had their wedding on the 8th of October. It was a beautiful ceremony, organised in the garden of their new home. The rain was a constant contender for attention throughout the day but with a few minor adjustments, we were able to continue the ceremony stress free.

16 10, 2016

What to do when your subject poops!

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Welcome to the world beautiful Carter!  Today Karen and i photographed Carter, the nine day old newborn, with the help of mum Becky. The beautiful thing about this shoot was the amount of care and soothing Karen put into Carter, holding and rocking him in her arms, making sure that he was calm and relaxed